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October 27, 2014

Welcome to Poker Practice, your best virtual poker partner on the internet. In search of a viable poker strategy? Interested in tips and best online poker practice recommendations? You will find all of those at PokerPractice.com, and more! Visit our article archive, choose among our recommended poker sites. Our trusted online poker practice rooms offer the best free bonuses on the web!  If you are not versed in online poker, allow us to underline the differences between internet- and land-based poker rooms. Naturally, the first thing that is different is money depositing, given that there is no actual table to place the pot online.

In our experience, the majority of new online poker players are skeptical towards making online payments. With the development of IT sector, modern online poker rooms offer the best money depositing options and guaranteed security. Still, if you need some solid evidence to begin with, full tilt poker is the best option for you. Namely, this poker variant enables direct deposits to players’ accounts. On top of that, full tilt poker has a 3% to 7% rake, compared to the usual 10% in other poker games. When you deem you’re feeling at ease with online payments, it will be safe to switch to other poker games. Playing online poker has never been less risky, as online poker practice rooms offer free deposit bonuses. Additional bonuses are being given away as well, and all of them are reloaded on a regular basis. Sharp competition in online gambling has resulted in a beneficial environment for online poker players. Free bonuses may be used in many ways. Online poker newbies usually collect them and use them to hone their playing skills for free. No doubt it is a good idea, but collecting the full bonus does have some prerequisites. You will be required to play a defined number of poker hands first. The “defined number” depends on the target online poker room, but the condition must be stated in its terms and conditions, so make sure to familiarize yourself with them before you start playing.

Need we mention that online poker is gaining popularity at the speed of light? The facts that online poker rooms are open around the clock, seven days a week and hence available at your own convenience, in the comfort of your home are not easily overlooked in today’s busy world. Also, online poker hands take considerably less time to play, and one of the reasons is that internet poker players spend up to 2 hours in one poker room. If we add the fact that they usually multitask, you will see the benefits more clearly. To start playing online poker for free, sign up at our trusted sites, featured at PokerPractice.com. All of them are licensed and secure, and offer by far best bonuses on the web. Sign up today for the best online poker practice deal on the internet!

Tips and Strategies

Poker Practice Trivia: Poker Chips

October 27, 2014

As certain as the Sun rises in the east, you must have come across too many “clever” articles on online poker already. The world has come down, burying us with educated advices on the best poker strategies, flawless tips, and riches unimaginable. Judging by the abundance, profit would seen to be the only thing propelling online poker players forward, but in reality, it is not exactly so. The main factor people play poker for is fun. And some creativity, we might add. For example, have you ever stopped to consider poker chips? How many times have you played a poker game without noticing such a obvious thing? According to the latest data, not many gamblers pay attention to them at all. On the other hand, it is not a rare occurrence for passionate gamblers to go as far as to spend a fortune on limited edition poker tokens.

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